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  1. UN Comtrade monthly and quarterly analytical/summary trade statistics, T18-19 and 35-40 data series will no longer be produced or published in the UN Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. The last update will be June 2021 production/issu
  2. Within the reporters tab you can select one or more reporters from the drop down list or choose your customized country groups or my favorite reporters. The latter two options are available to UN Comtrade subscribers only. It is the same for partners tab also. You can select years depending on your need in the years tab. The others tab allows the user to filter trade data by value and also.
  3. Using World as a Reporter. In Advanced Query (UN COMTRADE as data source), using All countries aggregate as reporter return inconsistent time series. Indeed, All countries means all available countries and you will end-up with different bundle of countries for different years. Therefore, it is better approach to check number of countries for which data is available for all the years of.
  4. Timeliness: Even though UN Comtrade is regularly updated, the frequency of the data sets is annual or monthly (with some time lag), and not comparable to real-time big data feeds such as from social media; Coverage: UN Comtrade covers most of the countries with some delays (recent periods have fewer reporters than past periods). Therefore.
  5. All, Total, AG [X] or a valid code. Up to 20 may be selected. If you know the code number, e.g. 01 - Live animals, type 01. To search by description type a word, e.g. rice. 4. See the results. Download CSV. Download data CSV. More information about data

Rows are sorted first by Nomenclature, then by Reporter, Partner, Year, Product and Flow. This table can't be sorted by clicking on a column's heading. You will see in the next topic how to customize the output table. Filtering the output table window. You can filter the data based on some criteria. For columns with text content like Nomenclature Name, Reporter Name etc you can do a filter by. Reporters发起国(主体国) Partners合作国(客体国) Trade flows贸易往来,即选择出口/进口. 案例:使用un comtrade查询2018年中国纺织业对世界各国出口额数据. 若选择用SITC REV.4,经上述链接查询可得纺织业SITC编码为6 un comtrade 中 reporter 和partner 2012-02-21 un comtrade database 的数据描述在哪里? 2019-08-30 un goyage Maeve lles 是什么意思; 2016-06-10 如何用un comtrade查找HS编码? 3; 更多类似问题 > 为你推荐: 特别推荐. 益生菌/元能拯救烂脸吗? 焦虑抑郁,是大脑还是环境的错? 【送福利】今天不只是发个祝福那么简单; 一亿年. 额,这是我的第一篇知乎文章。为什么写这个,因为知乎上关于UN Comtrade的使用方法真的太少了!!!我后来摸索差不多一个小时就懂了。废话不多说! UN Comtrade: International Trade Statistics链接在上!(有 I am trying to download the UN Comtrade dataset. Of course, it is a huge one, hence I need to split it up in many files (I thought dividing per reporter country and commodity each) but still I can'..

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• Germany: Reporter • United States: Partner Country • 2007: Year (Since 1962 until now) • Value, Net weight and Supplementary Quantity: Measurement UN Comtrade Content: a reminder A typical record is, e.g.: Exports of cars from Germany to the United States in 2007, in terms of value (US dollars), net weight (kg), and supplementary quantity (number of cars) • In most countries, the. The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries

UN Comtrade - Bug Report. Question Title. * 1. Tell us about the problem you encountered. Be as specific as possible. If applicable, include details about the data you were querying, like the classification, year (s), reporter (s), and commodities requested. Question Title. * 2. How would you classify this issue UN Comtrade Database里面,reporter和partner都是中国的import贸易额,想请教一下各位,UN Comtrade Database里面,reporter和partner都是中国的import贸易额,这个是什么意思。感谢指点!,经管之家(原人大经济论坛 UN Comtrade 数据库(United Nations International Trade Statistics Database)是全球最大且最为广泛应用的国际贸易数据库。每年全球超过 200 多个国家或地区分别以记录国(Reporter)角色向该数据库汇交他们与其他贸易伙伴国家(Partner)的年度(或月度)国际商品(或服务)贸易分类统计数据。汇交过程中,这些. 2013-01-01 un comtrade 中 reporter 和partne... 51; 2016-02-13 联合国服务贸易数据库中怎么查世界总出口 6; 2014-12-06 请教两个关于联合国贸易数据库数据的问题; 2015-02-17 如何使用联合国贸易数据库中的数据 8; 2018-10-06 联合国数据库中怎么查sitc分类的出口额; 更多类似问题 > 为你推荐: 特别推荐. 益生菌/元能拯救.

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Comtrade.un.org | subscriptions@un.org Energy Statistics The Energy Statistics Database contains basic statistics for more than 220 countries/territories on production, trade, transformation and consumption (end-use) for solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, electricity, and heat In comtradr: Interface with the United Nations Comtrade API. Description Usage Arguments Details Value Examples. View source: R/ct_search.R. Description. Make queries to the UN Comtrade API, data is returned as a tidy data frame. Comtrade is a DB hosted by the United Nations that houses country-level shipping data

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